Hot Head: Son Saves Mom from Crazed Boyfriend Who Was Trying to Set Her on Fire

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - An Elyria man has been arrested for trying to set his girlfriend on fire.

44-year-old Maurice Williams is now behind bars after Elyria Police say he got into a fight with his 39-year-old live-in girlfriend Beth Dixen on Friday.

According to police, Williams doused Dixen and her two pugs Gizmo and Scooter with kerosene, with the intent to burn them alive. Dixen tells 19 Action News, "he was trying to kill me."

Luckily, Dixon escaped unharmed thanks to her son, Jeff, who was over at the neighbor's house at the time of the attack. "I would die for my mom."

Jeff heard his mother's cry for help and ran to her defense asking the neighbors to call 9-1-1.

Police arrived on scene and Dixen told Elyria Police that Williams had been arguing with her after he accused her of cheating. He busted down the bedroom door and the fight ensued.

Next, Dixen says he threw kerosene at her and grabbed a lighter to set the blaze. The lighter wouldn't light.

Elyria Police arrested Williams who has now been charged with felonious assault, domestic violence and aggravated menacing. Williams is being held without bond.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Beth are recovering from Friday night's close call. They suffered minor cuts and bruises but tell 19 Action News they're happy to be alive and no longer take anything for granted. "Makes you appreciate the little things me and my mom do together," says Jeff.

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