Fire Storm: New 'Due Diligence' Memo Strikes Nerve with City's Police Patrolmen Association

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A new memo from the Chief of Police is being read to all police officers at roll call. The memo basically says do your job well - or get a new job doing something else.

The title of the memo is called "Due Diligence." It comes a little over a week after police officers failed to stop and get out of the car during a call about a dead body along I-90.

The officers radioed back to dispatch that it was a deer. 19 Action News has learned exclusively that a city prosecutor is now involved in the review of the officers who mistook the slain woman for that of a deer.

In the memo, the Chief talks about professionalism, dedication and excellence. Also, that a few members have "lost sight" of the commitment.

If you don't want to be a good cop, think about your "chosen profession." A spokesman says this is not directly tied to the I-90 incident saying similar memos have come out before when cops got in trouble.

Maybe something like this has come out before, but it's the first time 19 Action News has heard of it.

The memo is supposed to read at all Cleveland Police roll calls for ten days.

Monday, the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association released the following statement about the new "Due Diligence" memo:

"On a daily basis, the members of the CPPA "uphold the tenets of our mission in an exemplary manner, and complete our responsibilities in good faith." We do so with pride, integrity and honor without regard to politics, political climate, or in some cases our personal safety. We do not grandstand for political gain, nor do we back down from doing the right things for the right reasons. Unfortunately politicians and those they have appointed have once again failed the Division and the citizens we serve. They attempt to divert attention away from their failed decisions and policies (staffing levels, the closing of the Third District, ect.) by redirecting that attention toward those of us working in the trenches in the very environment they have created.

Regrettably, many of our elected and appointed leaders have lost sight of the "commitment they swore to uphold." They will do or say anything to maintain their entitled positions. They have made decisions that directly and adversely affected the safety and quality of life for all that live, work, or visit Cleveland. They continue to demand more with less from us, yet when the mantra fails publicly (Sowell case, triple digit homicide rates ect.) they are quick to place the blame by reminding us of our "core beliefs" and demanding we "rededicate ourselves to the diligence of duty."

When politicians and their appointees possess a mindset of entitlement and insist on mixing politics with policing, we recommend they "examine their commitment to their profession." The CPPA will not support their disregard for our values or our safety.

While it is incredibly difficult to listen to the unanswered ranting of politicians and small, albeit vocal groups of self appointed civic guardians, be rest assured I know the vast and silent majority of hard working, God fearing, taxpaying Clevelanders support and appreciate your efforts. They understand that you will continue to risk all on your behalf despite the recent DN-10-118 (Due Diligence) NOT because of it. That is what will always separate Police Officers from politicians. For what it is worth the CPPA will thank you and your families for your dedication, professionalism and sacrifice, f no one else will.

Be safe, and continue to take care of each other.

-The Voice of the Patrol Officers

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