43 Forum: Minority Men's Health

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) (3/28/10) - Host Harry Boomer talks with Dr. Charles Modlin, Director of The Minority Men's Health Center, The Cleveland Clinic and The Rev. Brian Shields, The Cleveland Clinic Chaplain.

The guests express the need for minority men to get checkups on a regular basis and to be tested for ailments including prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease earlier then the general population.

Black and Hispanic men tend to get prostate cancer sooner in life and the disease is more aggressive and this population die on average 8-years sooner than others.

The Annual Minority Men's Health Center Health Fair is coming soon to Northeast Ohio.  The Reverend Shields talks about how staying connected with ones spirituality is important for how well or poorly a patient copes with illness.

The believe system, especially if one has been involved on a regular basis, gives the patient a sense of peace and calm and hope that things will turn out better.  Doctors have long thought that prayer aides in the healing process.

For more information, click HERE or call the Minority Men's Health Center at the Cleveland Clinic at (216)445-7550.