43 Forum: Mocha Moms

CLEVELAND, OH (4/4/10) - Host Harry Boomer highlights a group called Mocha Moms, a 501C3 non-profit.  The group consists of African American mothers who stay at home with their children.

They talked about the importance of having at least one parent home to tend to their children, the benefits of spending quality time in the formative years and joy they feel because they can give their children a traditional upbringing in a two parent, love centered household.

Members of the organization are also involved in dozens of community efforts and charities.

One of their efforts revolves around paying tribute to their husbands and other African American fathers who are good providers and role models for their families.

They are partnering with the Fatherhood Initiative of Cuyahoga County to produce a program 'A Celebration of Fatherhood' to be held in June.