Unemployed: Despite High Unemployment Numbers, the Nation is Getting Better

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The nation has finally begun to pull out of the worst economic down turn since the Great Depression despite unemployment high numbers.

But for those out of work, change cannot come soon enough.

With Ohio's unemployment rate at eleven percent, Jason Herron can tell you about the frustration of not having a job. "Bills keep coming in and I don't have the money to pay for it" says Herron.

Employment centers provide some hope, but many of the positions such as controllers, engineers and IT techs require specialized training and prior experience.

Health care is also a promising field.

But what about the folks in the unemployment line that have no specialized training at all? One unemployed worker tells 19 Action News that "Unemployment is terrible in Ohio."

The unemployed could look to what are called recession proof jobs such as security. Plus, in urban areas like Cleveland, auto mechanics do well in keeping their jobs in periods of recession.

And then there's always the reliable service sector.

Steve Fridley just finished transforming his restaurant into Pacer's Rib House. Out of his thirty-five service employees, about half were just recently hired. "Seems like the economy is picking up a little bit" says Fridley.

Unfortunately, it could take years for unemployment numbers to return to what they were before the recession. Reason being, the huge number of folks who've been out of work for so long are no longer included in the unemployment calculations.

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