Volcanic Ash Continues to Disrupt Worldwide Travel

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(WOIO) - The volcanic ash continues to disrupt travel worldwide.

Only about a third of scheduled flights in Europe are expected to take off - mostly in the south. Germany is allowing 50 flights to return there, But some military test flights in other parts of the continent continue to see engine damage from the ash, and that means some 20,000 flights are grounded for another day.

Tens of thousands of stranded travelers now call airport home and with the back log of flights it could be a long time before they get out.

"I'm a little fearful I could still be here two weeks from now," said one stranded traveler.

Some are trying to get on trains and head to airports that are open, but now the train stations are overloaded.

Small boats have been shipping people back from France. And the British Navy is planning to send ships to Europe to pick up travelers stuck there.

Airlines are pushing governments to allow flights back in the air. Companies have lost over a billion dollars so far and could continue to lose $200 million dollars a day. Some airlines may not survive.

"I think there are some smaller airlines particularly in Europe which are pretty vulnerable at the moment," said Paul Charles, COO of Lewis Communications.

And the ash that has caused so many problems in Europe is now moving west across the Atlantic and could soon reach the coast of eastern Canada.

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