Hot Wheels: Furious Father Unleashes Vigilante Justice on Teen Who Stole his Son's Bike

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EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - A dad defending his son ends up in jail following an act of vigilante justice.

Police say things escalated from petty theft to a vicious crime, when a father went after a suspected bike thief.

The Richmond Heights father was driving around looking for his son's stolen bike when he came across Kenshawn Cummings and recognized the bike.

Witnesses say dad threw his SUV into reverse and went after the 14-year-old hitting him with his vehicle.

Kenshawn Cummings hit his head and was fading in and out of consciousness until Euclid police arrived on scene. At one point, his father said he stopped breathing.

"He's breathing on his own now, " said Sidney Shepherd. "Is it really worth a life, a bike? something that can be replaced, is it really worth a young man's life?"

While Cummings was rushed to Rainbow, the dad behind the wheel was cuffed.

Cumming remains in intensive care and is listed in fair condition.

The suspect is in custody, and expected to be charged this week. The victim's parents are pushing for attempted murder charges.

The victim's father says his son is a good kid and is never in trouble.

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