Get Him: Sticky-Fingered Thug Steals Precious Memories from New Cleveland Parents

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was a petty crime, but it broke the heart of a new Cleveland mother.

A guy stumbling through a nice Westpark neighborhood off Rocky River Drive after closing time riffling through cars. He got small change, a GPS and a camera from Danielle and Tony Caldwell.

"My camera is really what I want back cause some very important pictures were on there," said Danielle. "The birth of my daughter."

The camera had the first pictures taken of the now 2-month-old baby girl, and video of her birth. They were also the only pictures. If the camera isn't found, they're lost forever.

The couple's home security video is the only hope they have of getting their stuff back. It's not great, but police believe the guy is a local. The Caldwell's put in the security system after their house was cleaned out by another thief a few months ago. All of this on top of Tony being laid off at RTA. This tape is their only hope.

"And when he gets to the middle of the driveway he actually looks up at the camera and looks away and he was just calm, nonchalant just.....just as if he lived here or he did this every night or something," said Danielle.

The guy really is a menace, other homes in the neighborhood were hit. Danielle says there could be a modest reward if she can get the video back.

Chances are the thug will try and sell the stuff. It is unique, largely because of the pink cases and carrying strap. If you've seen the memory marauder or any of the Caldwell's stuff, call the police at 216-623-5200.

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