No Charges!: Police who thought Body was a Dead Deer will not be Charged

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - No charges will be filed against the cops in I-90 debacle.

A prosecutor was deciding whether or not to charge Patrolmen Matthew Prince and David Muniz. They mistook Angel Bradley-Crockett's dead body for a dead deer.

The prosecutor ruled Thursday the mistake was a police performance issue, not a violation of law. The city also found the action by the officers did not play any role in the death and they'll most likely be punished internally.

The cops were were dispatched April 5th to check out a dead body on the Interstate after a 911 call came in.

According to the cruiser's GPS, the officers drove down the highway at about 50 mph, did not stop to get out and told dispatch to send ODOT because it was a deer.

Three more calls and two hours later that "so-called" deer turned out to be the 28-year old west side woman.

30-year-old Stephon Davis has been charged in Bradley-Crockett's death. He faces aggravated murder, kidnapping, robbery and gross abuse of a corpse charges and could get the death penalty.

Earlier Thursday, a second suspect was charged.

Police say Latesha Santos was with Davis at 66th and Charter on the Eastside.

She's charged with aggravated murder and obstructing justice and is expected in court Friday.

Bradley-Crockett died during a robbery and kidnapping.

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