Could Shaun Rogers' loaded Gun incident just Disappear?

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New developments in the case of gun airport incident starring Shaun Rogers.

19 Action News has learned that Rogers' attorney is having talks behind the scenes with prosecutors to resolve the case.

His goal is to find a way to keep the nose tackle on the field.

The Cleveland Browns player was arrested earlier this month at Cleveland Hopkins Airport for trying to board a plane while carrying a loaded gun in his carry on bag.

He told police that he simply "Forgot that the gun was in there."

Now three weeks later Cuyahoga County prosecutors still have not taken the case to a grand jury.

This could lead to either the charges dropped or a plea deal worked out before he gets indicted.

Rogers though could still be punished by the NFL.

Nothing is finalized and no one on the record is talking.

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