Hello Haden: The Cleveland Browns newest Cornerback Touches Down

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The newest member of the Cleveland Browns is here and 19 Action News cameras got "Exclusive" pictures as Joe Haden arrived at Hopkins Airport Friday morning.

"I was happy my dream was coming true," said Joe Haden.

The Brown's first draft pick's enthusiam was just as excited as he arrived in Cleveland as he was Thursday night, just hours after the draft.

"I love the Browns, like the Browns a lot. I felt a connection with the coaches especially the coach for my position. He called me to tell me he was excited to coach me and I'm excited to play for him."

Haden's first order of business is to check out everything Cleveland has to offer.

"I want to look around to see where I'm gonna stay."

The people who were on the plane with him couldn't wait to tell 19 Action News they'd already welcomed him to Cleveland.

"I gave him the old glad to see you fist pump. Seemed like he was pretty humble," said Paul Moraco of Grafton.

Canton resident Jovica Stankovis said, "I'm very excited. He's a very good guy. Good player."

Haden also had a message to all Browns fans, "I want to say that I'm just as excited as they are. I just want to win, want to give the Browns my all, and they are going to get everything I've got every week."

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