Very Sorry: Parents Creative Sentence Humiliates & Helps Shoplifting Daughters

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GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - We've heard of Judge Cicconetti giving creative sentences but a couple of Garfield Heights parents beat a local judge to the punch.

They handed down their own brand of punishment to a couple of little girls who were shoplifting.

"I feel stupid," said one of the little girls.

Her parent along with her friends parents came up with the idea of making their daughters hold signs saying "I was caught shoplifting" after the 14 and 12 years old girls were caught taking eyeliner at a grocery store without paying for it.

The girl's had the money to pay for the make-up but for what ever reason chose not to so for the next two day they'll be a road side attraction in Garfield Heights.

"Hopefully it will teach them a lesson."

This is not the girl's only punishment, police say they can expect to be prosecuted for misdemeanor theft.

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