Deadly: Tornadoes Ripped Through the Southeast Over the Weekend

MISSISSIPPI - At least 10 people are dead and more than a dozen injured after tornadoes ripped through the Southeast over the weekend.

Mississippi was hit the hardest Saturday afternoon.

"When I got up, the windows started blowing out and they blew me from one room to the next room. I grabbed my son, we got on the floor. Next thing I know the roof came off, all the windows were blown off and the house started overflowing with water," said resident Kenneth Gurley.

His family's home will have to be demolished.

The tornadoes tore roofs off homes, downed power lines and trees and leveled many buildings.

The biggest twister was three quarters of a mile wide.

The state's Governor says there was utter obliteration in parts of Yazoo County.

"By God's grace it didn't go into the central part of the city or the most populated (areas). However, it did go through the southern edge and eastern edge of town," said Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

Parts of Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama were also hit by the system that then headed east.

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