Obama Fan?: Ohio Man with Gun Arrested for Impersonating Cop at Airport

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NORTH CAROLINA  (WOIO) –Secret Service members  arrested a male who was packing heat and impersonating a police officer at the same airport where the President Obama was set to depart from Sunday.

Police hovered around 23-year-old Joseph McVey of Coshocton, Ohio at the Asheville Regional Airport.

President Obama was in North Carolina with the first lady for a weekend of rest and relaxation. When they tried to leave Sunday, McVey showed up at the airport.

McVey was driving a car made to look like a law enforcement vehicle with Ohio plates. He had a walkie talkie and a gun on his hip.

Secret Service spotted McVey sitting under a tree and grew suspicious. They asked McVey for identification, ran his driver's license number, and it came back invalid.

The red flag was raised.

McVey told them he knew the President was in town, and wanted to see him. He never made it the runway or anywhere near the President.

McVey was arrested immediately.

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