Tick-Tock: Time is Running out for Russo

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - He's been the target of the County Corruption investigation for two years and just last week, a call for Frank Russo to resign came from County Treasurer Jim Rokakis.

It was a rare criticism from one county official to another and Monday Russo fired back.

Russo has been reluctant to speak about his role in the investigation, but Monday he admitted only to 19 Action News that he expects to be charged and even talked about not commenting on certain elements of the expected charges against him, in his words "until we get to the trial."

And he also said he has no plans to resign and that he will fight any charges against him.

As far as how he feels about the treasurer's call for Russo to quit because his legal troubles have become a distraction.

"Mr. Rokakis call for us to resign. Um, he ought to. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Tell him to remember that. Thank-you," said Frank Russo. "It's business as usual and what Jim Rokakis has to say has no concern with me none whatsoever. Like I say there's a few comments coming out about him so."

Russo would not say what those comments are.

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