Book Bailout: Lawmakers calling on the Government to get America's Schools out of the Red

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - First it was the banks, then the auto giants and now it's your kid's classroom.

Lawmakers want to spend billions of taxpayer dollars bailing out America's schools.

In fact, a $23 billion bailout and the money would go to school districts across the country like the Cleveland Metropolitan School District which last week gave out pink slips to more than 700 employees.

"The teachers can't do it alone, the public officials can't do it alone, we need more engaged parents," said Cleveland Councilman Kevin Conwell.

"What we're asking the federal government to do is the same thing they did with the fat cats on Wall Street and banks and the auto industry. Send that money back here do we don't have to lay off 545 teachers in the city of Cleveland," said Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed.

Cleveland is not the only district suffering, in Los Angeles more than 5,000 teachers have received layoff notices, 3,200 in Chicago and more than 800 in Washington D.C.

All over the country, it's been open season on teachers because when tax revenue drops and government budgets bleed, teachers end up on the chopping block.

"We gotta do this now, so he can continue to bargain with the union. We're not saying he shouldn't, we are saying right now we are in crisis mode."

Cleveland City Council passed an emergency measure Monday night urging the feds to pass the bailout bill.


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