Outsmarted: Rape Victim helps put her Accused Attacker Away

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An accused rapist is locked up after he was outsmarted by the victim after the attack.

His weapon a gun was a gun and her only weapon was her mind.

Police say she worked with them to set a trap.

According to cops the woman was attacked, beaten with a gun and raped at knifepoint as she walked near West 25th and Scranton in Cleveland.

After the attack, knowing the thug still had her cell phone, she called it and asked to buy it back for $30.

After they hung up, she called police and told them what she did.

They picked her up to take her to get her phone and to arrest the idiot.

And just like that, Dwight Gales, a career criminal, was busted.

Cleveland sex crimes investigators now building a case to go to a grand jury.

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