Say Sorry: Former Police Chief Demands Public Apology

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Former Bratenahl Police Chief Paul Falzone is now demanding a public apology after being found not guilty of theft.

His attorney, J, Norn Stark agrees, "If someone is denied their rights, their constitutional rights are they entitled to be compensated for what has happened to them and I contend as his attorney that it does. I would be happy to have a public apology."

"Dirty politics is probably the word you have to use," said Former Chief Falzone.

In January, jurors found Paul Falzone not guilty of felony theft after a judge threw out a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of official business.

Falzone went off on Mayor John Nicastro Tuesday, insinuating that the mayor orchestrated both an investigation of him over evidence room discrepancies and persued the criminal charges despite a village paid for $34,000 investigation that showed he did nothing wrong.

But he wouldn't discount that pressure against him came from downtown because he broke with the party machine and ran against Gerald McFaul in the 2008 primary.

"We feel that is part of it, it is not all of it but its part of it."

Falzone resigned as chief last year.

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