The Motive: Did Sex Abuse Drive a Teen To Kill Family Friend?

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(WOIO) - Did sexual abuse drive a 16-year-old to repeatedly stab and kill a family friend?

That is the key question in a Lorain County murder case.

Damaging testimony on Wednesday against the accused killer, Daniel Kovarbasich, and against his victim, 55-year-old Duane Hurley.

There is no question that Koverbasich killed Hurley. He was found covered in blood and has admitted what he did. What is at question is if the killing was justifiable. The case is being heard by Judge James Burge and is getting national media attention.

Koverbasich and other boys, including his brother, spent time at Hurley's home. He had cable, snacks and let boys have the run of the place, including using his car.

In return, they did favors for him, like mowing grass. Koverbasich told a social worker that Hurley wanted more on the day he was killed - sex.

"Then one day he said that I owned him for everything he did for me," said social worker Denna Jones Bulgin. "He then took a knife and told me to take my clothes off."

Koverbasich denies any previous sexual contact with Hurley. A police detective testified that a computer found in Hurley's home that the boys had access to contained gay pornography.

Koverbasich's brother testified that Hurley asked him about his genitals and wondered if he wanted to be in a porn movie he'd make.

Hurley had a past where he imposed himself on people beholden to him. In 2003, he served 90 days in jail for taking bribes for allowing people sentenced to community service in Avon Lake to simply walk away.

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