Thursday Morning Headlines

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Rise and shine, Cleveland, a beautiful day is on the horizon!

A rapid rise in temperature is expected today - and it's just the tip of the (warm!) iceberg! Check out your Ford First Alert Forecast HERE for complete details.

You definitely want to check out real-time road conditions before hitting the open road this Thursday morning.

Here are just a few stories we are working on this hour.

Cleveland police radios stopped working overnight. And even though they are back up this morning, officers had a rough time getting their assignments. What they had to do to keep the streets - and your family - safe.

United and Continental could be joining forces in the sky. The two airlines are in the early stages of exchanging financial information which could lead to a merger. Why the deal could hurt Hopkins, coming up in less than 15 minutes.

All Together! It's on to Round 2 of the NBA playoffs for the Cavs. Saturday the Boston Celtics come to town. 19 Action News has a pair of tickets to Saturday's Game 1. Wanna win? Check out "19 Action News This Morning" at 6AM for details!

And tonight at 11PM - it's one of the most shocking and dangerous investigations 19 Action News has ever conducted.

22 gas stations, 30 gallons of gas and 14 hours of video. It's a Carl Monday exclusive investigation that every driver needs to see. That's tonight on 19 Action News at 11PM.

So grab that remote and your first cup of coffee and join us for these stories and more on 19 Action News This Morning!

And as always, go to for news, sports and weather 24-7.

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