Go from Flab to Flat by Freezing the Fat Away

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In the world of weight loss it seems there's a new latest and greatest every week but this most recent procedure may actually be tough to top.

You can get a flat tummy without diet, exercise and the pain and scars of liposuction.

It's a new procedure using "The Zeltiq Machine."

Here's how it works:

doctors place a gel pad over the desired area to protect from frostbite then the machine sucks in the fat - and freezes it.

"The fat inside the cells crystalizes - and that causes the cells to die and your body comes in and takes all of those dead cells over the next two or three months," said Dr. Karyn Grossman, Dermatologist.

It costs 500 bucks for each session and doctors recommended six.

We checked the Zeltiq website and the only dermatologist in Ohio to offer this procedure has an office near Columbus.

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