Ho$ed: A Carl Monday Exclusive - Hosed at The Pump

Ho$ed: A Carl Monday Exclusive - Hosed at The Pump

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Over three days, 19 Action News gassed up 31 times at 22 stations in Greater Cleveland and had the gas tested by inspectors from the Summit County Weights & Measures Division.

So how did they do?

The results were disturbing. "There was a 27% failure rate," according to Summit County Fiscal Officer John Donofrfio.

19 Action News Investigator Carl Monday has the octane levels tested for 30 samples of gas and more than one of every four failed the test. What that means is, you could be getting a lesser quality of gas than you're paying for.

In fact, the wrong octane can cause an engine to work harder and wear out quicker.

Gas prices are going up, but are you really getting what you pay for? Ohio is one of four states that doesn't monitor the quality of gas.

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