Car Crash?: Family of Woman Found Slain on I-90 Can't Believe Possible Murder Motive

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has uncovered new details in the death of Angel Bradley-Crockett. The mother of three's body was tossed out of a van on I-90 and police misidentified the body of the slain woman for that of a dead deer.

Prosecutors say a minor fender bender led to Bradley-Crockett's death, but families of both the victim and one of the suspects are not buying it.

"All of this about she bumping they car, it's a bunch of hog wash period," said Bradley-Crockett's mom Patricia Bradley.

The theory is that Bradley-Crockett got into a minor wreck with the suspects. After the crash, they lured her to a secluded area where they robbed and killed her.

"They haven't told me that her truck was damaged, so it's a bunch of bull, flat out."

The sister of suspect Stephon Davis also feels the story makes no sense.

She said her brother had just gotten his tax refund check and he was not hard up for money, and had no reason to rob someone, let alone kill them and dump their body in a public place.

"I just wish we could go to court and let's see what happens in court," Jennifer Davis.

As a courtesy, prosecutors have been updating Angel's mom with news on the case. Thursday, they told her their theory.

Angel was murdered April 5th and Patricia Bradley is still stinging from the loss.

"All I want is some justice for my daughter's murder."

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