Boy punished for planning crime family at school

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - A 14-year-old who tried to set up his own Mafia-style organization at school was found guilty of inducing panic Friday.
The boy hoped to make money with the help of other students that he would recruit into a crime family.
Juvenile Court Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio gave the boy six
months probation, along with 30 hours community service. She also ordered him to write an essay on how Italian-Americans have contributed to society in positive ways.
"It's of great concern to me that you would take a negative
stereotype of Italian-Americans and use that for what happened here," she said.
The boy, who wanted to be known as "The Boss," began hatching the plan after researching the Mafia through books and the Internet.
The scheme was uncovered last month when the Nordonia Middle School librarian found a crumpled note in the library and turned it over to school administrators.
According to one of the lists he compiled, he saw his "family" making money in prostitution, weapons sales, money laundering, recruiting hit men, even candy sales. The schemes were not carried out.
The charge against the boy involved two electrical devices found in a school backpack. The devices were never used, but could have damaged the school's electrical system or caused a fire, authorities said.
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