Oh No!: More Voting Machine Issues in Cuyahoga County

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has discovered testing on machines used to count ballots in Cuyahoga County. The machines you'll be using at the polls are turning up troubling issues.

Tabulating votes is a huge job, and it has proved a huge headache more than once in Cuyahoga County.

Let's not forget the eye's of the nation watching the 2004 presidential debacle. Since then, the county has bought an electronic scan system and at the urging of consultant and former board insider Tom Hayes, scrapped it and purchased a system made by a company he represents named ES&S.

The optical scanners are known as DS 200's.

They were used without any problems in the Fall.  But problems were found this Spring when they were tested for the Spring Primary.  There's no fix for the problems, so the board is going to have a lot of back up machines.

Elections Director Jane Platten says "I don't anticipate any large problems, but we're ready if there's anything that presents itself."

Seems the machines unexpectedly shut themselves down. Platten is reassured because the machines save votes before shutting down."It was used last fall and we had absolutely no problems with it."

19 Action News had to ask,  if they worked in the fall, why not now?

ES&S has told the county it's a software problem, but insiders think a change in ballot paper could play a roll.  No matter what, it's forcing the Board of Elections to be extra cautious with any and all questionable machines to avoid another election day disaster.

"We've taken them totally out of the election and we have about 100 back up machines in case we have any malfunctions on election day" said Platten.

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