Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

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President Barack Obama made a quick trip to the Gulf Coast Sunday where he tried to reassure residents - many already suffering from the economic effects of an uncontrolled oil leak.

The President took a first hand look at the response to the oil spill in the Gulf, calling it a "potentially unprecedented environmental disaster."  

The life blood of the area - commercial fishing - has been paralyzed by an ever growing oil leak off the coast.

A ten-day restriction on fishing between the mouth of the Mississippi and Pensacola Bay was imposed as the enormous oil slick continues moving its way toward the coast - pushed along by strong winds.

In Alabama - the state's National Guard installed protective booms Sunday around a portion of Dauphin Island.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano addressed the challenge of containing the oil spill.

"Three battle fronts. One is to cap the well, efforts to do that have not succeeded to date, however they have begun undersea injection of dispersant, that seems to be very promising. The second is fighting the spill on the surface of the sea before it reaches landfall. And the third is preventing it from reaching landfall and having the immediate ability to clean it up."

Some estimates say the oil leak cleanup could cost BP as much as $14 billion dollars.