Toxic Home: Local Girl Becomes Deathly Sick from a Hidden Danger In Her Home

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(WOIO) -  You probably think of your home as your safe place but it might house hidden dangers that could threaten your family's health.

It happened to a local girl. She became deathly sick from a hidden danger in her home.

19 Action News found what happened to her could happen to anyone unless you know what to look for.

We list the top toxins that could be lurking in your house...

Anchor David Wittman shows you how you can protect your family from a Toxic Home.


Learn the Risks:

- Keep paint in good shape

- Fix peeling and chipping paint safely, don't dry scrape!

- Cover bare soil with grass or mulch

Get Kids Tested:

- Children should be tested for lead poisoning twice before their 3rd birthday and once again before age 6

- Talk to your medical provider about a blood lead test

- Know your child's blood lead level; levels 5 and above are harmful

Reduce Lead Hazards:

- Keep your kids safe from the dangers of lead poisoning

- For information on LEAD SAFE LIVING contact your local health department or the City of Cleveland Lead Information Line at 216-263-LEAD

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