Traffic Jam: Downtown Parking Lot Scams in full swing

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's apparent everyone is trying to make a buck off the Cavaliers Playoff Games.

Parking lots in downtown Cleveland cost anywhere between $25-to-$30 bucks just to park near the "Q."

One garage though caught the attention of 19 Action News and it's the one on High St. between Ontario and E. 4th.

The garage is equipped with attendants and a $30 price sign but one thing is missing and that's the lot number.

In an effort to improve safety, downtown lots and garages agreed last year to post the lot number, whether an attendant's on duty or not.

The manager of the makeshift garage claims he's licensed and it seems most Cavs fans don't mind.

"I mean you get what you can down here there's not a lot of good parking around here," said Michael Levine.

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