Alone Again: Mother Locked Up After Little Girl Is Found Wandering Streets Alone - Again

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Hard questions after Cleveland cops say they found a toddler walking alone along one of the city's busiest streets.

In fact, police officers say this is the second time that child has wandered away.

"Any idea why this happened a second time in a matter of months?" asked Reporter Ed Gallek to the child's father.

"A matter of months, I mean, it's a misunderstanding," said the father.

The child's mother is behind bars for the dangerous Monday night incident on East 55th near Superior.

Astute drivers spotted two-year-old Essence stumbling along the street all alone.

"Her clothes were dirty," said Marcia Caldwell. "She didn't have on any Pampers or undergarments she was walking on the back of her shoes so we instantly just called the police."

"I even walked down the street to see if anyone was screaming," Caldwell added. "I didn't see anyone screaming to say they were missing a shocks me being a mother."

Police tell 19 Action News they found mom - Mary Dunson - after about an hour. Reports shows she was drunk.

And police noted the same child disappeared in October, but no charges were filed. The little girl apparently slipped out while mom was dealing with a home repair crew.

Charges have yet to be filed in the latest incident, but Cuyahoga County Social Workers are already looking into the entire family.

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