Dog Down: Cleveland Police Shoot Charging Pit Bull While Trying to Arrest Murder Suspect

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland police forced to open fire while trying to arrest a murder suspect overnight.

Cops were called to Colburn Avenue around 9:30PM Wednesday night for a disturbance call, but quickly realized there was a murder suspect holed up inside the home.

Police ordered suspect Vittorio Delgado out of the home. That's when a woman inside the house opened the back door and released a pit bull on the officers.

After the pit bull was released, it attacked the officers. As a result of the attack, the officers opened fire and shot the pit bull three times.

After searching the area, cops found Delgado hiding in the backyard. The 37-year-old was placed under arrest for the murder of Anthony Dickens.

Dickens was the city's first homicide of the year. He was killed on January 3rd on West Avenue.

The critically injured pit bull was taken to a local animal hospital for medical attention. The condition of the pit bull is not known at this time.

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