Damage: Spring Storms Bring Down Trees and Power Lines

Rae Geitgey's home - Cuyahoga Falls
Rae Geitgey's home - Cuyahoga Falls
Rae Geitgey's home - Cuyahoga Falls
Rae Geitgey's home - Cuyahoga Falls

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Friday's fierce storms brought down trees, caused power outages and produced large hail.

Saturday, wind gusts of up to 60 mph brought down even more trees and caused even more power outages.

Wind gusts were so intense Saturday, four people on Continental Airlines Express flight 2768 from Cleveland to Albany, New York were injured by heavy turbulence. Click here to read the entire story from 19 Action News affiliate CBS 6.

In Cuyahoga Falls, Rae Geitgey's home was split in half by a tree early Saturday morning.

Geitgey was sleeping the tree toppled onto the home. A neighbor ran over to get her out, but Geitgey said she had to make the bed and get dressed first before firefighters arrived. Geitgey told her neighbor "I aint coming out with my nightgown on."

19 Action News Storm Chasers were all over northeast Ohio checking out the damage.

In Sandusky, Ohio Dee McGory was on her was home from a dinner party when a funnel cloud was spotted and a warning was issued. McGory said a 30 foot tree had fallen onto her property and that her backyard was a disaster.

The National Weather Service still not confirmed that an actual tornado had touched down anywhere in Northeast Ohio.

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In Cuyahoga County over 10,000 were reported without power late Friday evening, most of that is the west cities with Lakewood hit the hardest with more than 5,000 sitting in the dark. Power that was restored after the storm was again lost Saturday when the winds picked up again.

In Summit County there were between 2,500 and 5,000 customers without power. Other areas had scattered reports of power outages.

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