New Rule: Judge for Cleveland Strangler Case Orders Officials to Keep Evidence Confidential

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO)  - 19 Action News has just learned about a big court ruling in the case of suspected Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell.

The ruling comes days after an exclusive 19 Action News report.

19 Action News received thousands of crime scene photos from Anthony Sowell's home on eleven discs from the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office by submitting a simple public record request.

After the submission, 19 Action News released the photos to the public giving viewers an inside look at the home of the suspected serial killer.

Sowell is accused of murdering eleven women and burying their bodies inside and outside of his Imperial Avenue home.

Now, Judge Dick Ambrose has just issued an order to law enforcement not to let it happen again.

Judge Ambrose says he doesn't want to see any more evidence in public before Anthony Sowell heads to trial.

Anthony Sowell defense attorneys have now asked for a gag order that would silence everyone connected to the case.

19 Action News' exclusive photos may be the final inside look at the suspected serial killer before trial begins in June.

Click here to see the photos from our exclusive report!

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