New Nominee: President Obama Selects Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Judge

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WASHINGTON D.C (WOIO) - President Obama today announced his nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, calling her "one of the nation's foremost legal minds."

Kagan would be the fourth woman to sit on the Supreme Court if she is confirmed and the third woman to join the current Court. Mr. Obama called Kagan -- who is the nation's first female solicitor general and the first woman who served as dean of Harvard Law School -- a "trailblazing leader."

"She has won accolades across the ideological spectrum," Mr. Obama said today, "not just for her intellect and record of achievement, but also for her temperament."

He praised her fair mindedness and her skill as a consensus builder, highlighting her effort as dean to bring more conservative scholars to Harvard. Mr. Obama said, that like himself, Kagan has an "appreciation for diverse views."

Unlike all nine of the current Supreme Court justices, Kagan has no prior experience as a judge. Mr. Obama likely sees this as a strength, since she will bring a new perspective to the Court. Others, however, are wary of her lack of experience and the lack of evidence available to illuminate how she would serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

President Obama said "her passion for the law is anything but academic," and that she views the law not as an intellectual exercise, but as it might impact the lives of everyday people.

At just 50 years old, Kagan would be the youngest person on the Court, and she could serve for decades -- leaving Mr. Obama a lasting legacy on the Court.

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