Vegas, Baby: How Major Players in County Corruption Scandal Lived It Up in Vega$

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(WOIO) - If the Cuyahoga County corruption investigation is proving anything, it is that not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

19 Action News learned on Friday that Ferris Kleem showered Kevin Kelley, Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo with gifts during a Vegas getaway. $24,000.

Reporter Paul Orlousky poured over Kleem's plea agreement on Monday and just wait until you hear how that money was spent.

Read the entire document HERE

It was during a Kleem paid stay in luxury suites at the Mirage Hotel. The slot machines may not have paid off, but Kleem sure did. He handed Kelley $1,000 in gaming chips, gave Dimora more than $3,400 worth. And lets not forget Dimora's $1,000 "massage."

The trio also visited a place called the Bare Pool at the Mirage. It's appropriately named. A lot more to see than the cabana beds. You can get chilled fruit on a skewer, or an icy rolled towel if things get too hot. It must have gotten really hot because Kleem, Kelley and Dimora blew through nearly $1,500 at the pool. Kleem also paid for a dinner at a steakhouse. The bill was $2,200.

Ferris Kleem wanted a federal grant to pay for this bridge in Berea. He used some of his profit from county jobs to buy Jimmy Dimora an $1,100 refrigerator that he had asked for and gave him $2,000 for a Rolex watch. A few weeks later, commissioners approved $150,000 for the bridge.

As 19 Action News reported First at Four on Friday, Kleem was not the low bidder on a multi-million dollar road job when the crew went to Vegas. When they got back, the low bidder was thrown out and commissioners gave Kleem the work.

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