Judge Fires Back

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Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold is coming out firing against a scathing article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The article does not paint the judge in a pretty picture.

The Plain Dealer is now accusing Judge Strickland Saffold of logging onto numerous websites from her chambers at the Justice Center using the login name "lawmiss" and posting racist comments, including calling Asians flat-face morons.

Strickland Saffold's attorney says his client did not make the comments and has no idea who did.

"I have no idea and that's one of the problems with the Plain Dealer's irresponsible reporting. They probably should have figured that out before reporting it," said attorney Brian Spitz.

The newspaper tries to link the judge through her own website logs to other online comments.

The paper has come up with links to websites but no real hard evidence the judge is behind any of the comments.

In a previous story the Plain Dealer tried linking the judge to online comments on their own website.

Her 23 year old daughter said she was the only one commenting.

Strickland Saffold was removed from the Anthony Sowell murder case and filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against the PD.

"On the record one of their attorney's Mr. Columbus indicates that the Plain Dealer couldn't possibly know who wrote those unless they were standing behind them and watching them type," said Spitz.

Spitz is speaking out to only 19 Action News.

"The judge trusts you. The judge trust you will give an accurate rendition of the facts... And after everything that has happened it's finally time somebody stands up and give the facts," said Spitz.

Here is Brian Spitz' ENTIRE statement to the Plain Dealer:

"Judge Saffold vehemently denies posting any disparaging comments about any groups of people online or elsewhere. Based on prior bias, speculative, unsubstantiated and false attacks and improper attempted incursions into her purely personal life, Judge Saffold declines to further provide any information to the Plain Dealer outside the litigation process, particularly as the Plain Dealer still refuses to report information on its own conduct - such as the identity of the unnamed online editor that breached the promises of confidentiality. As for the pending litigation, I would like to thank the Plain Dealer's ongoing public attacks for giving us clear evidence of malice and establishment of damages. Further comments will be available at www.calltherightattorney.com."

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