Mob Attack: Punks Pummel elderly man and the Beat down is Caught on Tape

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Four punks are accused of attacking two elderly men and cops want you to help put all of them away.

The vicious attack happened while the men was sitting in a car outside a convenience store at 71st and Harvard. One was 72-years old and his friend is 53-years old.

19 Action News obtained "Exclusive" video of the attack hoping you will recognize one of the thugs and turn them in.

According to Tom Wojiechowski, he and his buddy couldn't pull into a driveway because a group of teens were blocking it.

The victim says he then drove down the block to call the police. When he went inside the store the young thugs surrounded his car, kicked out a window, threw a brick to smash the glass and opened a door.

He says that's when they began pounding his passenger and when Tom came back out of the store and tried to help they started beating him too.

"They were working on mark my passenger. They'd opened the door and they were beating him and the only think I remember I was out cold laying in an ambulance. It was like when one person did something the other person wanted to follow up to be cool or whatever," said Tom Wojiechowski.

19 Action News confronted one of the suspects and the 18-year old gave us a rather lame excuse.

Myreon Morsee says he was drunk at the time.

Police still need help identifying one attacker in the crowd.

If you can help call Crime Stoppers.

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