Violent Tornadoes Rip Through Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA (WOIO / CBS) - A violent outburst of tornadoes ripped thru parts of the southern plains states.

As many as five separate funnels dropped down from this huge twister near the tiny town of Wakita just North of Oklahoma City.

There were at least 21 unconfirmed tornado touch downs across Oklahoma. The twisters destroyed about 40 homes and damaged 40 others and in Oklahoma City. Two people were killed including a young boy who was hit by debris.

South of Oklahoma City, three more fatalities were reported in Tecumseh where a tornado nearly wiped out the small town.

And in Norman, Oklahoma, This Love's truck stop took a direct hit but had a small miracle.

Charlescie Green is one of those who helped herd dozens of people into those coolers.

Janet White and her wheelchair-bound husband are among those who lived to tell their survivor's story.

Not everyone made it inside, but still made it out alive. Truck-driver Sammy Ward huddled in his tractor-trailer while the wind blew out his windows.

And as they assess the toll from the tornadoes, they'll also be counting the damage from huge hail across the state.

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