Editorial: Questions about the Judge

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(WOIO) - Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold is turning out to be a huge embarrassment to the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.  the Plain Dealer discovered -  a couple of weeks ago - that someone using the judges in-chamber's computer and calling herself "lawmiss" was commenting online about cases being handled by the judge… including that of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell.

Well, Judge Saffold said it was her daughter and not she who wrote the comments. Nevertheless….the episode was disturbing enough to the state supreme court that they removed the judge from the Sowell case.

Well, almost before the folks at the justice center had digested that piece of drama, came news that "lawmiss" whoever she is….has turned up on at least ten other internet domains with a string of vitriolic comments disparaging white men, Arabs, Asians and cops.

Through her attorney, Judge Saffold has again denied that she is the now infamous "lawmiss" and claims the Plain Dealer---which also revealed that the judge doesn't like to pay her traffic tickets --- is simply out to get her.

well, the Ohio code of judicial conduct has some pretty strict rules for judge's impartiality and integrity and while the evidence against the judge remains for the moment circumstantial -  it's enough to warrant another look by the State Supreme Court.

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