Poached Pup: APL on Alert after a Prized Bulldog is stolen

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cops are searching for a group of thieves who ransacked a local woman's house and stole her prized dogs.

Police say the thieves busted into Stephanie Capella Lorain home and in addition to stealing the family computer and big screen TV they ran off with her American Bulldog Beba, and her two puppies.

Stephanie says her kids are spooked and they miss them.

"They jump at every little noise now, like what was that? It took them a while to go to sleep last night. They're used to the puppies coming in in the morning and whining. That used to be there alarm clock. It was different getting up this morning without them," Stephanie Capella.

Police think the crooks used a crowbar to break in.

This is the second time the single mother's house has been broken into. Her garage was raided less than a year ago.

Lorain investigators have notified the APL about the stolen White American Bulldogs in case they show up in a shelter.

Stephanie had planned to give the puppies away to a family who would love and care for them but now she doesn't know who they're with.

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