You Decide: Collinwood Students Brutalized?

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A group of Collinwood students are screaming for justice saying they were "brutalized" after walking out of school in a form of protest.

The protest is in reaction to the huge number of schools being closed in Cleveland.

The video, shot by one of the students, shows a handful of kids who walk off campus and when confronted by police for violating the city's truancy laws two of the female students become enraged.

When the officers tried to take the one of the students into custody her 19 year old sister Destiny Bruno got involved.

Police took both into custody and both resisted arrest.

Police say the juvenile even assaulted one of them. She's been charged with Daytime Curfew, Assault on a Police Officer, Aggravated Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

Her sister Destiny Bruno was arrested for Obstruction, Aggravated Disorderly and Resisting Arrest.

So were the girls resisting arrest or were police using excessive force?

Here's the link to the video posted on YouTube so you can decide yourself.

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