Stay: Clevelanders Get Together for a Musical Tribute to Keep the King

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Comedian Mike Polk is at it again.  Polk has made a video with some Cleveland celebrities to keep LeBron James in Cleveland.

Local celebrities, politicians, judges, athletes and fans alike came together for a sing along.

The group performed 'We are the World' music with new lyrics - 'Please stay LeBron!'

Among the participants were Governor Ted Strickland, Senator Sherrod Brown, Peter Lawson Jones, City Councilman Zack Reed, local TV Lawyer Tim Misny and our very own Carl Monday.

If this doesn't convince LeBron to stay - nothing will.

Please stay LeBron! Lyrics:

There comes a time, when a decision must be made Will the King, move on or will he stay? We're helplessly waiting, as we hold our breath in fear. Should we renew, our tickets for next year? Please stay LeBron, We really need you No bigger market's gonna love you half as much as we do It's a choice you're making, will you go or will you stay.... What will we do with that big sign, if you move away? Just tell us King, what changes we must make, We'll rename every street 'LeBron' if that's what it takes.... New York's overcrowded, Those people are unbearable, And don't forget, the Knicks and Nets are terrible.... Please stay LeBron, we really need you, No bigger market's gonna love you half as much as we do...

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