Rowdy Fan: Cleveland Police Send Ticked Off Cavs Fan to Jail

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Another season of lost hopes and dreams has many wondering what's next for the Cleveland Cavaliers and how much more loss Cleveland sports fans can take.

The disappointment is truly setting in around Ohio, but this is just wrong.

One Cleveland Cavalier fan got so upset watching the Boston Celtics win at Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland Police had to toss him in jail.

During Monday night's game, a Cleveland Police Commander witnessed a fan throw a beer bottle onto the court.

Brian Truka,  37-years-old was caught in the childish act.

Records show Truka lives in Franklin County. He came all the way to Cleveland, Ohio to witness LeBron James pave the way to a Championship, but one play made him lose his cool.

Truka was bounced from Quicken Loans Arena and landed two nights in jail. He was also smacked with $190 bucks in fines for disorderly conduct.

We're all upset, but let's keep it together.

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