Jury Finds Man Guilty of Setting Fire that Killed Four Children

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A verdict in the retrial of a man accused of torching a Cleveland apartment building in 2006. The arson fire killed four children.

Lorenzo Collins was found guilty of murder and aggravated arson by a jury of his peers late Monday morning.

Collins was granted another trial after, during jury selection in his first trial, the judge mentioned he was in jail. Because of the faux pas, an Appeals Court granted him another trial.

Investigators say Collins was trying to kill an ex-girlfriend when he set the deadly fire on Cleveland's Eastside. The former lover, however, was not even home at the time of the blaze.

The bodies of 8-year-old Aleyshia Hayes, 5-year-old twins Marvin III and Markel Hayes and 3-year-old Racheal Hayes were found in a third-floor bedroom where they had been trapped.

Collins was sentenced to the maximum - 111 and a half years behind bars.

"Like I said, I'm innocent," Collins said during his sentencing. "I wasn't given a fair trial in '07 and I wasn't given a fair trial this time."

"You can try this case 100 times and you will be convicted a 100 times," said the presiding judge. "And if I have to try this case a third time, a fourth time, a fifth time...I'll try it as long as it takes."

Collins had a few choice words upon leaving the courtroom for lock-up.

"Kiss my black (expletive). Kiss my black (expletive). Kiss my black (expletive)."

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