"Last Call": Local City Considering a Booze Ban

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland suburb is considering a complete alcohol ban.

Elyria lawmakers say their motive is the fact that crime, like shootings and brawls, are on the rise.

But bartenders like Donna Wilson are upset at the idea of losing their jobs.

"Just because a few apples in a barrel are rotten doesn't mean every bar here is bad."

Customers think the downtown area is depressed enough and a modern day prohibition would kill the few remaining businesses.

"The city's already in bad enough shape. The whole county's in bad enough shape. Now he's going to take jobs away from these people? There's no jobs here."

Councilman Mark Craig, who proposed the measure, says he's open to other ideas that may finally lead to peace in the downtown area.

"Hopefully this will stimulate some conversations and people step forward with solutions. Maybe not go as extreme as to going completely dry but at least taking action against those bar owners who aren't being responsible," said Councilman Craig.

If the gets past community development, it'll go to a full council vote.

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