Ruff Justice: Pet Accused of Mauling Beloved Owner Cleared by Coroner

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has stunning new information about a Cleveland Heights woman who died in February.

Cops initially believed Carolyn Baker had been mauled by the family dog, Zeus. The rottweiller was painted to look like a vicious villain.

But it turns out Zeus was only trying to drag her to safety after she collapsed in the driveway of her Woodridge Road home. After further review, the county coroner ruled Carolyn Baker died of a heart attack. Hypothermia also contributed to the death.

The coroner's report also says there were very few dog bites, mostly just evidence of pawing.

Family members say Baker had a history of heart disease and strokes. They say they always thought the dog was actually pawing at her to help rescue her, trying to bring her inside safely.

"My dog sits by my mom every night. Just to clear everything up, that was my dog and I loved him. He did everything he could to save my granny."

Zeus was deemed a vicious dog after the attack.

Severe dog bites were initially listed as contributing to Baker's death and the would-be hero was destroyed for the alleged mauling.

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