Sexting: Westlake Teens Electronic Message Sparks Investigation

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WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - Westlake police are in the early stages of an investigation involving a student at Lee Burneson Middle School.

Cops are looking into whether or not the student blackmailed other students with "sexting" material he had on his cell phone.

The student accused of the black mailing attends the Westlake Middle School, but according to the Westlake Superintendent not all the students involved in the situation attend the middle school.

The superintendent also says that none of the "sexting" and or possible blackmail messages were sent during school hours.

The accused student was suspended for violating the schools bullying and harrassment policy.

He apparently teased the kids while on a school bus and that is when the students phone was taken and turned over to police.

Police say the phones of all students involved have been confiscated for the investigation.

There are about half-dozen school age students involved in the investigation.

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