Punks Nabbed for Breaking Into String of Cars Overnight

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NORHT CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Two teens charged after breaking into at least five cars overnight.

19-year-old Michael A. Vitale and 18-year-old Joshua E. Copeland cuffed and stuffed after their pre-dawn crime spree.

This, after North Canton residents in the 600 block of Sunset Boulevard were awaken by their family dog and observed their vehicles being broken into while parked in their drive. The homeowners immediately notified the police of the crime and the direction the thief had run off from the scene.

An officer was in the immediate area within two minutes of the call, while a second officer searched an area adjacent to the scene.

The second officer discovered Vitale and Copeland with stolen property that was linked to vehicles that had been broken into in the area - a credit card, cell phone, and a small amount of money were recovered.

The investigation is continuing, as it is believed at least five vehicles may have been broken into overnight.

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