Trashy: City Slaps Residents with Delayed Trash Can Violations

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) –Cleveland residents are wondering why they are suddenly getting tickets for leaving their trash cans out…and why the tickets are coming months later!

19 Action News has found out that the City of Cleveland is writing more tickets than ever to residents who are putting their garbage out too early or for leaving empty cans out too long.

Some of the tickets are coming in the mail months after the actual day they were written.

The Datillos, property owners who've received multiple tickets, are fed up and want proof of the violations. "I think the city should justify to the taxpayers proving that the violations took place" said Tony Datillo of Datillo Investments.

Datillo tells 19 Action News that he made a violation in August and didn't receive the ticket until January.

The City of Cleveland said they had a backlog of tickets and are now catching up. Garbage supervisors are now using cameras with time stamps so the date of the violation will appear on the photo snapped.

But why the sudden increase in garbage can tickets?

The City of Cleveland says they're just trying to keep the city clean.

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