Fill 'er up: Gas Prices on the Decline...Again

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When it comes to gas prices, the experts were wrong...again.

Gas prices have dropped this week and according to Triple-A they're twelve cents less than last week.

But we found not all neighborhoods are seeing the deep discounts and for the cheapest prices you better head south.

Gas at a Marathon Station on Harvard was $2.64 but a few miles down I-77 in the Akron/Canton area, drivers are paying up to twenty cents less, at $2.41 a gallon in Canton and $2.51 in Akron.

Officials say the reason for the big difference in price is because competition is tighter in the Akron/Canton market.

Many drivers are fuming about their bad timing.

"I was down in Canton this morning it was, what $2.40 something, here it was $2.33 down in Canton, so i'm wishing I was down in Canton right now."

"I'm upset, I should have filled up in Canton."

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