Party observes birthday of the Untouchable

CLEVELAND (AP) - They held a party in Cleveland Saturday night to observe what would have been the 100th birthday of Eliot Ness, the city's safety director in the 1930s.
The party -- with about 100 people dressed like gangsters, molls and flappers -- was held by the Cleveland Police Historical Society to raise money for the Cleveland Police Museum.
Ness, who died in 1957, was the Untouchable who took down Al Capone in Chicago and cleaned up police corruption in Cleveland.
Rebecca McFarland, a local Ness expert and lecturer, helped
arrange the event and a funeral service six years ago when Ness' ashes were scattered at Lake View Cemetery.
To McFarland, Cleveland never did thank Ness (pictured, above) properly for all he did for the city.
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